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Top Ten Most Powerful Characters on the House of Cards

House of Cards is a Netflix drama categorized as a political thriller that centers around the manipulative congressman Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his equally conniving wife Claire Underwood(Robin Wright).  Together they are a ruthless power couple that is willing to do whatever it takes to acquire revenge and power. It is the first online […]

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Netflix or Blockbuster? The Ultimate Showdown

When someone wants to watch a movie but it’s already out of the theaters, most people would resort to buying it online, although not all people could afford such extravagance. Some would prefer to walk across the block for DVD rentals. Now that’s a cheap and easy way of getting the movies you like. When […]

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The raw power of Netflix

Let’s face it, everyone loves watching. Be it TV shows or blockbusters, every single person has watched something even once in their life. It relieves the stresses of life and brings humor into people. Although not everyone has times to spare to go to Theaters to watch Blockbuster Movies. Also, not everyone has the time […]

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