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Top ten best Breaking Bad episodes

Walter meets with Lydia to obtain the names of Mike’s associates. Lydia partners with him to expand his distribution overseas to the Czech Republic. Walter takes the names to Todd’s uncle, who has ties with Aryan Brotherhood gangs operating in the prisons. The nine prisoners and Mike’s lawyer, including at least one ready to flip […]

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Top ten best episodes of Friends

Chandler reaches his final straw when Eddie starts to freak him out by sneaking in his bedroom to watch him sleep. Chandler tries to make Eddie leave the apartment but he just wouldn’t go. Rachel, Monica and Phoebe read this book called, ‘Be Your Wind Keeper’, a poetical hardcore feminist bestseller which starts a heated […]

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Top Ten Best TV Dramas of All Time

This is one of the first shows to divulge to the inner-workings of Presidential politics, and inside the White House. The West Wing follows the lives of the staff as they help President Jed Bartlet make the critical decisions that consequently affect the nation and the world. Each episode follows President Bartlet and the staff’s […]

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Top Ten Best Cartoon Network Shows of All Time

Cartoon Network is a television channel we will all have been extremely familiar with at some point in our past and hopefully present. It’s one of the best channel for children and even adults who love animated, hilarious and stunning shows. Over the years Cartoon Network has been host to a huge number of original […]

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Top Ten Deaths in Spartacus

All through the three series and one mini-series of Spartacus (Blood and Sand, Gods of the Arena, Vengeance and War of the Damned), there have been some gruesome and memorable despatches of people from this world to the next, both in and out of the arena. Here are the top ten. The short-ass half-pint who […]

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Top 10 Best Episodes of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a TV show by the geniuses that are Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. The show took the world by storm when it first premièred back in 2007 and his since been one of the most popular comedies on television. The unique characters which are portrayed through excellent acting combined with superb writing makes for […]

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Top Ten TV Shows Of All Time


Over the course of history there have been thousands of different TV Shows, some good, some bad and some which are just awful… As the years have progressed so has technology and the sheer popularity of television has resulted in some truly amazing and timeless pieces of work. Today we are going to take a […]

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Supersonic was a British children’s television music show which featured pop music artists of the day. It was launched in 1975, and ran for two years. It featured music producer Mike Mansfield cueing in each act, and made no attempt to disguise the cameras, which often ran over people in the audience. It wasn’t chart-based […]

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Top Ten TV Cops of All Time

A man who talks to his gun. A man whose threads are as important as his masculinity. A man who thinks women make rubbish law-enforcers. A man who says “Trust me… I know what I’m doing” when he clearly doesn’t. Infinitely better than Police Squad’s Frank Drebbin, Mr Hammer is a wonder to behold. And […]

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Top 10 Best Characters in Game of Thrones

Unless you’ve been on Mars for the last two years, you’ll know that Game of Thrones is the HBO series, now in its third season, taken from GRR Martin’s best-selling book series A Song of Ice and Fire series of books. An intelligent sorcery-light fantasy which dwells more on politics than dragons and wizards, it […]

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