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Top Ten Best Monsters from Dr Who

I am so old that I remember seeing the very first Dr Who on black and white BBC television in 1963. I was 8, and not scared at all as I cowered behind the settee. I was just looking for a lost fruit gum, Mum. In fact I was more frightened by the appalling cardboard […]

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Top Ten Best Cartoon Network Shows of All Time

Cartoon Network is a television channel we will all have been extremely familiar with at some point in our past and hopefully present. It’s one of the best channel for children and even adults who love animated, hilarious and stunning shows. Over the years Cartoon Network has been host to a huge number of original […]

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Top Ten TV Comedy Series about the Army and War

It may seem an odd combination, comedy and war, but there have been a lot of films and TV series that have mined (no pun intended) this sub-genre. Many of the best never forget that despite the laughs, all war is tragic. One thing is for certain; both comedy and conflict will be with us […]

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