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Top ten best episodes of The Simpsons

A drunken Homer appears on the show Taxicab Conversations and rants about how awful his life as a husband and father is. Although his family is at first outraged, they realize that they do somewhat burden him and decide to make up for it by sending him to a Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp where […]

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The Office Image Character Dwight

Top Ten Best Characters from The Office

Pam is the shy, sweet, sexy, once conflicted receptionist turns sales woman at Dunder Mifflin who has the uncanny ability of forcing every straight man to be attracted to her undeniable charm. Mother to Cece and Philip Halpert, she is married to the love of her life, Jim. After two agonizing seasons waiting for her […]

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Top Ten Best TV Dramas of All Time

This is one of the first shows to divulge to the inner-workings of Presidential politics, and inside the White House. The West Wing follows the lives of the staff as they help President Jed Bartlet make the critical decisions that consequently affect the nation and the world. Each episode follows President Bartlet and the staff’s […]

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Jim Michael Dwight

Top Ten Best Episodes of The Office

Much to Michael’s surprise he learns that Martin, one of the former Stamford employees, is a former criminal. The staff learns that his time was spent in a white-collar prison, and begins to wonder if Martin’s prison is better than Dunder Mifflin. Michael then gives a presentation on the miseries of prison, with most of […]

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Tread Lightly

Top Ten Best Quotes from Breaking Bad

This classic tagline seen all over the low-budget commercials and comically used in later episodes in the series, is who Walt and Jesse turn to when they learn he is someone who can help them out of their predicament. Badger was busted by an undercover cop and is now being questioned by the DEA to […]

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Top Ten Arena Combat Fights in Spartacus

While the Spartacus series had its fair share of action outside of the arena, there’s no denying that like Batiatus, Crixus, and the gladiators of “Good” Solonius work best in the glory of the arena. The set piece battles, the crowd getting worked into a frenzy (especially the women), the slow motion, the helmets, and […]

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Top ten best episodes of Arrested Development

Lucille abducts George Michael for a mother-son dance and intends to sabotage. On the other side, Buster adjusts to now having a hook for a hand; G.O.B. reunites with his estranged wife, and Tobias stars as George Sr. in a biopic about the Bluth family. Due to his supreme acting skills, Lindsay becomes more attracted […]

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Top ten best episodes of Dexter

Lila has gone completely crazy, and Dexter realizes it won’t be easy to end thing. As the manhunt for the Bay Harbor Butcher intensifies, Dexter tries to stay ahead of the investigations. Finally, Sgt. James Doakes is named a suspect in the case. When the FBI got a warrant to search his car at the […]

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Top ten best episodes of True Blood

Salome and the Chancellors celebrate the start of the vampire holy war. Anti-supernatural supporters put Sookie in danger after she learns some interesting facts about her parents’ murder. Eric is planning his escape. Andy and Jason are out looking for leads regarding the shifter killings. We learn more about how Alcide was initiated into his […]

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Top ten best episodes of Mad Men

Trudy exposes to Pete that she is aware he has been cheating on her since he bought an apartment in the city.  She is repulsed that he was cheating with one of their neighbors, and then kicks him out. She has already made the decision however; she is choosing to stay married.   On election […]

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